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Owgels oxygen generator
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Happy Breath, Happy Life
Owgels is one of the leading brand in China for oxygen concentrators, focuses on respiratory medical equipment R&D for more than 20 years. Owgels's mission is to bringing a healthy and happy breathing experience to human. Owgels aims to build a world where people with a respiratory problem can live a free life. 
Our Location:
  • Manufacture base in Guangzhou city
  • 52,000 new manufacture base in Changsha city
  • Marketing and service center in Guangzhou and Shenzhen city.
Owgels offer home end solutions for those people who need oxygen therapy alleviate variuos discomfort caused by hypoxia. According to CDC's report, effects of COVID-19 illness or hospitalization can include tracheal stenosis from prolonged intubation, severe weakness, and deconditioning. It is important to have continuos respiratory. 
Owgels Oxygen Concentrator exports to 70+ countries, with yearly sales tunrover 100+ million USD. 
Owgels Oxygen Concentrator
Certificates and Honor
Owgels has been approved by CE, SGS, ISO13485, FCS, and FDA. As a high-tech enterprise, Owgels has more than 80 patents and awarded as created enterprise in 2019. 
CE ISO FDA approved Owgels Oxygen Concentrator
Owgels Home care Oxygen Concentrator
Owgels Medical Oxygen Concentrator 5L / 10L