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Interpenetrated Networks --- Cross-Linked Technology

Optimizes the density of chemical nodes within the single-phase whilst minimizing the use of cross-linking agent (BDDE), thereby generating improved duration of NASViTA® in the tissue. Preserves the partial independence of the interpenetrated networks guaranteeing an easy and regular injection and a perfect insertion in the injection site by means of weak inter-network bonds - no migration of product and a smooth result.

Biphasic Technology & NASHA -- Non Animal Stabilized Hyaluronic Acid

NASViTA®’ patented Biphasic technology provide uniform particle size for consistency natural results. NASHA is the patented non-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid technology that creates a stabilized HA for reliable aesthetic treatments with a proven safety record. HASHA creates a precise, firmer gel texture intended for a more pronounced lift and targeted product integration.

Monophasic Technology

NASViTA® L-Plus VOLUMIZER dermal filler use monophasic cross-linking technology, which is a three-dimensional network structure. Excellent cohesion enables no tendency of the filler to disperse and flow in water and body fluids, achieving higher stability and best volumizing and contouring, perfect or filling in hollowed cheeks and chin with long-lasting results more than 18 months.

Bio Balance Technology

Bio Balance Technology produces an isoosmotic gel that allows: no edema, immediate vision of the correction without the need for over correction.



Non-animal bio-fermentation source

No preventive skin tests

Higher quality than the European Pharmacopoeia standard

Ease of Injection

Ergonomic syringe design

Large plunger rod and flange

Accuracy of tick marks to ensure an accurate reading of the injected volume

Supplied with a sterile and certified disposable needles

High performance glass syringe

All this guarantees stability and control during the entire duration of the treatment, which makes it NASViTA® very comfortable for both the doctor and the patient

NB: Possibility of alternative use to the needles of the package:

Cannula for deep infiltration

Needle 30g-32g

19mm needle for lip infiltration


Map of Injection Indication

NASViTA® Dermal Fillers Product Range Overview