About Us

Nasvita Biomedical was founded in 2015. Two friends had a vision: Bring beauty, healthy, and wellness to everyone. We exist to be the top curator of healthcare, beauty, and fitness products for your daily life. Our office is located in Shenzhen, which is a global center in technology, research, manufacturing, finance, and transportation. As China’s leading technological hub, Shenzhen is also well known in the medical device industry. We sources ultimate quality products with factory-direct price. We wish everyone in the world can live a happy and healthy life.

About Our Story

What does the brand 'Nasvita' want to express to us?

'N' represents New, 'A' represents Aesthetic, 'S' represents Science. Vita is the synonyms for life. We advocate a healthy new life style and we believe the innovation of modern science will bring us wellness and beauty. 

How we got our start?

The cofunder Rina and Linda have more than 10 years business development experience in medical device and aesthetic medicine industry. We are very familiar with original supply chain, high quality manufactures, and what does the overseas customers need. We found that the manufactures create awesome items however they are not good at marketing and brand publicity. We decided to start our own business to bring these first-class products well know all over the world. 

Why we love what we do? 

We truly believe that every day is a new opportunity to make something better, so we strive to get better together with our customers. We are always working toward improving our products and customer experience and view your feedback as a gift to help with our continuous improvement efforts.