Why Choose OTESALY Dermal Filler & Mesotherapy Solution?

Why Choose OTESALY Dermal Filler & Mesotherapy Solution?

OTESALY®  ------- The Best of High Technology and Well-being

AOMA International Corp. was founded in 2005, covering an area of 4,800 square meters, founded with 800 square meters 10,000 grade purification workshop, and 300 squre meters 100 grade purification workshop. Otesaly started develop and export hyaluronic aicd based aesthetic products since 2006. The products range including hyaluronic acid dermal filler, mesotherapy injections for skin rejuvenation, skin brightening, hair growth, and lipolysis.

Otesaly Lab

Advanced Technology

1) NASHA--- Non-Animal Stabilized Hyaluronic Acid

1 Safe-- Cross-linked Hyaluronic acid and non animal origin abstained by bio-fermentation. 

2 Stable-- Minimizes the use of cross-linking agent (BDDE), thereby improved metabolic stability

3 Effective The gel particles are equal and high hardness, bringing an excellent effect on facial correction.

Otesaly Hyaluronic Acid Technology

2) Interpenetrated Networks:  

Optimizes the density of chemical nodes within the single-phase whilst minimizing the use of cross-linking agent (BDDE), thereby generating improved duration of OTESALY® in the tissues.

Preserves the partial independence of the interpenetrated networks guaranteeing an easy and regular injection and a perfect insertion into the dermis.

Guarantees cohesion of the hyaluronic acid both during injection and afterwards in the injection site by means of weak inter-network bonds - no migration of product and a smooth result.

Reach Experience in Aesthetic Field

  • 15 years production experience of products with best result & competitive prices

  • Imported the FDA & Europe EDQM approved raw material of hyaluronic acid which costs around 45,000 USD / kg from USA. 

  • GMP approved 800 square meters of 10 thousand grade purification workshop. 

  • OEM & ODM available with professional designing team. 

Otesaly dermal filler OEM ODM available

Our Advantages

1) There is no risk of allergy reaction as origin obtained by bio-fermentation and no animal ingredients.

2) It made of 100% pure cross linked HA and non permanent, which is biodegradable

3) The stabilized PH and osmolarity is close to skin, reducing the risk of oedema and swelling.

4) Below 0.01 side effect

5) More than 15 years experience in manufacture dermal filler and mesotherapy injections.

6) Over 1,500 distributors all over the world.

7)More than 4 million treatment worldwide so far.

Otesaly more than 1,500 clinics' choise

Before & After 

otesaly dermal filler before & after
Otesaly skin rejuvenation before & after
Otesaly lipolytic solution before and after



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